"Scene Two"
catalog number: GR#29
10" LP : out of print


Second in a series of three ambitious 10" compilations documenting the most exciting new music of the '90's! "NOW WAVE: Scene Two" was released in an edition of 100 copies, licensed to the South American label, Crazy Legs. NOTE: All three Ten inch records were collected and released for worldwide distribution as the CAMP SKiN GRAFT cd (catalog number GR#50).

Strangulated Beatoffs - Satan's Pool Party
Monitor Radio - Insouciance
Colossamite - Bewilderbeast
Flossie and the Unicorns - Chewing Gum
Shorty - Mitzy Lodge
ZZZZZ - One Two, May
Cheer-Accident - Filet Of Nod
Denison Kimball Trio - Framed
Ruins - Hydromasgroningem
Akaten - Latham's Snipe
Omoide Hatoba - Pikadom

Recorded by Various.

FUN FACT(S): See the Camp Skin Graft CD
for various info on individual tracks.

Also see: GR#21, GR#41, GR#50