"Rhinestone Records Compilation"
catalog number: GR#58


If you want to go to a party in New Orleans, but you live in Chicago, or don't have the time, for you -there's Engine Engine Number Nine. A body heat collection of Rhinestone president, Miss Pussycat's favorite bands - all from the Sleazy Big Easy! THE VICE GIRLS! STRANGE BONE! ROCK AND ROLL FANTASY! HARMONY GRITS! M.C. TRACHIOTOMY with DJ BISQUITTINO! THE MacGILLICUDDY's! HUGE HUMAN! LARRY LAMBORGHINI AND HIS HATE BRIGADE! JUNIOR AND WILMA! BOBBY RED BEAT! FAMOUS MONSTERS! MC PRESS FLESH! INKY BLINKY AND THE KIND BROS.! SEX HUNTER! TEASER PONY! and WET DADDY EMPIRE! EE#9 comes glued to a blue backing card and slipped into a plastic 7" sleeve for easy storage with your singles. And because it's been released only on cassette, it's Y2K compliant! Can your scene top this?

The Vice Girls - Honey Bee
Strange Bone - Meet Me At The Fuck House
Rock And Roll Fantasy - 80's Rock Hero
Harmony Grits - My World Is All Color
M.C. Trachiotomy - Where Yat... Callem Up
The MacGillicuddys- Don't Shatter My World
Huge Human - C.R.R. Knows About Espionage
Larry Lamborghini - Schindlers List Action Figures
Junior And Wilma
- Ode To Junkyard And Cow Park
Bobby Red Beat - Zipper Or Snap
Famous Monsters - Satan Sends A Rat
DJ BiQuittino - Forrest Buckaleau's Brother
M.C. Pressflesh - The Rain Song
Inky Blinky And The Kind Brothers - Amazing Grace
Sex Hunter - Mustard Stains Are Yellow
Teaser Poni - Social Intercourse
Wet Daddy Empire - Passing My Infection
- Train (Hidden Track)

Produced by Miss Pussycat

FUN FACT(S): Available only on cassette!

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M.C. Trachiotomy, Quintron