"Yahweh Or The Highway"
catalog number: GR#66


ARAB ON RADAR do not wish to attain their own private nirvana.

On the contrary, they have surveyed the inordinately weakened music scene of 2001, and while desirous of winning supreme musical enlightenment, ARAB ON RADAR do not tremble at the birth and death of past musical attempts. They have set out for the benefit of the music, for the ease of the music world, out of pity for the music world. ARAB ON RADAR have resolved: "We will become a shelter for the music, the music lover's place of excitement, the final relief of the music of the past, lights of the music world, the guidelines for the music world's means of salvation. Through this you shall all find redemption. ~ Yahweh or the Highway."

I see the music,
in your body, O' Creator,
and hordes of varied creatures:
the cosmic creator,
on his lotos throne,
all the seers of celestial serpents.
~ Arab On Radar ~

ARAB ON RADAR have been called "The Last Rock and Roll band on the Planet". Their live shows are eagerly anticipated events, displaying an energy and intensity that is unmatched by any band touring today. Arab On Radar have also been called "heirs to the kingdom once ruled by The Jesus Lizard", "the most inventive heavy guitar band going" and "leaders of the new trend in hardcore". Yahweh Or The Highway, the bands fourth full length (and second for SKiN GRAFT) advances the bands sound even further - this is anti-math rock at it's most expressive: guitars bleed, wheeze, scream and emote. The drums keep the proceedings utterly danceable and hyper-energized, while the vocals articulate tinges of oral melody only hinted at previously.

This is undoubtedly the bands best to date.

My Mind Is A Muffler Cocaine Mummy
God Is Dad Semen On The Mount
Vatican Is Up To Bat Again
Di To Solve Pi
Father Son And The Goalie Post
Birth Control Blues

Mr. Type A: guitar
Mr. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: vocals
Mr. Clinical Depression: guitar
Mr. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: drums

Produced by Weasel Walter
Cover art by Brinkman and Burke


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