"Split Single "
catalog number: UJTD#07 / 7" $5.00 U.S. mailorder
Feel that pull? The mosh pits of Chicago are generating an irresistible vortex of power-violence. ItÕs already engulfed the U.S. Midwest and is now threatening to draw in the world at large! You can simulate the movements of these frantic pits at home with the excellent new split 7Ó from TALE OF GENJI and LA MANTRA DE FHIQRI. Drop the vinyl on your turntable and watch as the spinning disc spirals wildly just like the kids of Chicago. Drop the needle on the grooves and itÕs all over - Ever wonder what a three-way between BLACK FLAG, The JESUS LIZARD and SWING KIDS would sound like? Crank TALE OF GENJI and youÕve got your answer! What happens if CIRCUS LUPUS, ORCHID and MY LAI get together at a party, drink way too much, spin around and fall on their equipment -? LA MANTRA DE FHIQRIA!!! Chess + pot + members of KUNG FU RICK = TALE OF GENJI. 40 ounces + funny pants = LA MANTRA DE FHIQRIA. All copies come with hand-silk screened covers. Music pressed on classic black vinyl.

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Produced by Up Jumps The Devil

FUN FACT(S): Covers hand screened at the SKiN GRAFT Chicago HQ!